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DB Sporting Content offers inviting, captivating content that attracts (and retains) customers. All the content we offer is checked meticulously by an experienced copy editor to ensure the highest standards are met whether we are producing a series of extended articles, posts for your sports blog or an informative but snappy press release.

Great content brings SEO benefits
Great content leads to effective SEO

For those seeking to grow their business through their website, it should be recognised that properly structured and well-written content is an intrinsic part of successful Search Engine Optimisation. If you rely (or hope to rely) on search engines to deliver visitors to your website, unique and relevant content improves your rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest. And that is where we come in.


While our prices can vary depending on the length, style and subject matter, we believe in being as open as possible. So for instance, if you require articles relating to sport or sports gambling we have three basic rates:

Rate 1: From £28 per 300 word article
Rate 2: From £35 per 500 word article
Rate 3: From £60 per 1000 word article

For full details of our pricing and latest offers, click here, including bulk buy discounts and our ‘try before you buy’ offer and our latest, great value content packages.